Who is Omid Mori? A man was shot dead after his ex-boyfriend set fire to a McDonald’s parking lot

zonkeu.com – Who is Omid Mori? A man was shot dead after his ex-boyfriend set fire to a McDonald’s parking lot. Brisbane, Australia A horrific incident in Brisbane left officers so shocked they had to open fire. According to reports, this incident happened this week when a man who allegedly set himself on fire threatened others and the officers, after which the officers shot the man.Follow Our website zonkeu.com¬†for the latest updates!!!!!

Omid Molayee Death Video

Who Was Omid Molayee?

The man was threatening the ex-husband who lodged the complaint. This person threatened the life of a woman and also poured oil on her. The incident is under investigation as footage of the incident has been posted online. Stay tuned as we cover this case and the man who died in full detail.Omis Molayee is the man who died in this accident. This man was reportedly in his car when he doused himself in petrol and set himself on fire. It is also said that he threatened the officers and went to them as well. The officer shot him in defense, killing the man. Photos and videos posted online showed the man shot dead by police as he was engulfed in blazing flames from head to toe. not only men

Omid Molayee Death Video

He doused himself as well as his ex in gasoline and threatened to press charges or file a complaint, inciting the police to gather outside Moulay’s car. Moulai is an immigrant from Iran and a resident of Australia. According to reports, he had a relationship with a woman named Sara Poya, a mother of three, who complained about Murray’s threats.

Then they pile into his car. Reports stated that Molayee was jealous of Pooyan and threatened her life. Gasoline was sprayed not only in the bedroom, but also on the bed sheet, Puyan. After getting the right time, the woman called the police and inquired what was the matter. Molay was found in his car, then shot and set on fire. Later, the police put out the fire.

However, my lord had already passed away. Moolayee and Pooyan were a couple. The two grew closer in 2019 and moved into a house with Fuyan’s three children. According to Pooyan, Molayee has always been jealous which is why she moved out and broke up with him. Soon after, he started threatening her and she followed her lead. Moulay Boyan was also charged

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Cheating well, it wasn’t true. On the day of the incident, Puyang fled to turn himself in to the police. Police later added that they had to shoot Moray in defense. Sergeant Downey added that they had to shoot to protect themselves. He also said Morai was completely engulfed in flames when pursued. After setting himself on fire, Morai

He ran towards the police and they fled from him, but he fell and died after shooting them to save himself. Downey added that they should have shot him because he was running towards them with fire on his body, adding that it was justified. 19 officers are to testify in the upcoming investigations.