Video of Tire Nichols calling his mother, when he was beaten by officers – Video of Tire Nichols calling his mother, when he was beaten by officers. Tyr Nichols screamed for his mother and Memphis police officers punched him multiple times — in the face while his hands were pinned — towards the end of the black man’s deadly encounter with officers this month, according to a video released by the city.

And although paramedics arrive minutes after the officers leave, Nichols stands unassisted on the sidewalk before an ambulance arrives. Friday night, the city released body camera and surveillance video of the Jan. 7 traffic slowdown and beating that led to the 29-year-old dying in hospital from his injuries three days later. The release comes a day after five Memphis police officers, also black, were released on first-degree murder charges. The film materials brought out RES to public servants, including complaints of law enforcement organizations and presidents. Biden states: ”

On the evening of Friday after the video publishing, Memphis’s demonstration participants brought a difference between the states, which blocked both alleys of highway bridges, which were connected to Arkansas in western Tennessee.

The basics of Nicole’s encounter: Police pulled Nichols with Memphis. After police pulled him out of the car, a struggle ensued and he escaped. A few minutes later, the police came up to him and beat or kicked him several times as seen in the video.

Video moments include:

The initial encounter

In their first encounter after the stop at approximately 8:24 p.m., Nichols showed calm, body camera video of officers arriving at the scene.

As the officer arrives at the scene, the officer yells “Fuck the car” at Nichols.

As police pull Nichols out of the vehicle, someone is heard saying, “Get on the floor and flip your butt.” Nichols replies “I didn’t do nothing”, “Well, I’m down”.

At 8:25 p.m., police sprayed pepper spray in Nichols’ face. Nichols then gets up and starts running towards the police as each fires a taser at him, apparently without contact.

Nichols keeps running and the officers chase after him. Police officers with body cameras return to the first scene, where at least one officer coughs and one says he sees nothing. Officers with body cameras spot water bottles and pour water in the eyes of at least one officer.

When Nichols is caught again, screams are heard

Video of Tire Nichols calling his mother, when he was beaten by officers

Another body-cam video shows what happened when police arrested Nichols on a local street a few minutes later, around 8:34 p.m.

Nichols mourns his mother as the video shows police arriving at the crime scene.

The police tell Nichols to “shake hands” if a fight continues on the ground. A police officer asks Nichols, “Do you want to take your shot again?”

The fallen Nichols was beaten and kicked by two police officers.

Nichols said “Mmm!” And for a while I keep calling my mother. Finally, a policeman is heard yelling at Nichols. “Give me your damn hand.”

Struck multiple times without visible provocation

Police surveillance video mounted on a remote-controlled pole nearby gives the clearest picture of the explosions. This indicated that the officers punched Nichols at least nine times without provocation. As the camera first pans onto the scene, an officer violently nudges Nichols with his knee or foot onto the sidewalk. They pulled Nichols by the shoulder and kicked him twice in the face. After being pulled over a seat, Nichols was struck in the back by what appeared to be a truncheon. Nichols was again beaten after falling to his knees. “It swung – pow – almost hit me,” says one officer. “Then (inaudibly) he took the gun,” said the second officer. One officer said Nichols “put his hand on my gun” and “the motherfucker’s got it.”

An officer later describes a traffic stop involving Nichols: “We tried to arrest him. He didn’t stop »

“I spun and swerved and almost hit my car,” said one officer.

Van Jones, a former special adviser to President Barack Obama, told CNN after viewing the video that “(Nichols) went from calmness to panic… to fear during the first meeting.”

Former NYPD Lieutenant Darrin Porcher told CNN, “Obviously it’s overwhelmed.” “More worryingly, none of the officers were willing to step in and say ‘Stop’.”

Repeatedly left on the pavement

Ten minutes into the camera video — minutes after the officers pulled out — someone who appeared to be a paramedic first engaged Nichols, at about 8:41 p.m. But rescuers repeatedly pulled away from Nichols before an ambulance could arrive.

Two minutes after paramedics began manipulating Nichols, he fell sideways and appeared to hit his head hard with a device after a bright light shone into his face. When Nichols tried to sit up, no one seemed to help him, but he fell again.

About a minute later, officers approached Nichols but walked away as he fell sideways again. First responders then hovered over Nichols for almost five minutes, occasionally shining a light in his face, before moving away.

Nichols writhes alone on the floor. Column camera video shows the medical equipment being returned to Nichols’ side about three minutes later.

The footage shows that 21 minutes have passed since the time paramedics first arrived, when an ambulance finally showed up at 9:02 PM.

Sheriff places 2 deputies on leave after seeing videos

Video of Tire Nichols calling his mother, when he was beaten by officers

Two deputies from the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office took time off to investigate after the sheriff viewed the video on Friday.

Sheriff Floyd Bonner Jr. said, “I am concerned about the two sheriffs who appeared on the scene after a physical confrontation between police and Tire Nichols.” “I launched an internal investigation into the actions of these lawmakers to determine what happened and whether the guidelines were violated. These two members are suspended pending the completion of an administrative investigation.

Earlier, Fire Department spokeswoman Kwanesha Ward told CNN’s Nadia Romero that two fire department employees involved in Nichols’ “treatment of the first patient” were “under an internal investigation.” The U.S. Department of Justice said it was conducting a federal civil rights investigation into Nichols’ death.

Five fired officers scheduled for February arraignment

Police say five Memphis officers — Tadarius Bean, Demetrius Haley, Justin Smith, Emmett Martin and Desmond Mills Jr. — are charged with violating police policy, including the use of excessive force. He was shot on January 20th.

My bill was paid this week. Each was charged with manslaughter, aggravated assault, two counts of aggravated kidnapping, two counts of obstructing justice and one count of obstructing justice, according to the district attorney. of Shelby County, Mulroy.

According to Shelby County Jail Records, Martin and Haley were released from jail on $350,000 bond, and Smith, Bean and Mills Jr. were each released after posting $250,000 bond. The five former agents will be produced on February 17.

Blake Balin, Mills Jr.’s attorney, said the video “raised as many questions as it answered”, particularly regarding his client’s involvement in the fatal encounter. Ballin said Mills arrived later than the other officers and was blinded by the pepper spray deployed.

“Some of the questions that remain should focus on Desmond Mills’ individual behavior. What Desmond could have known and seen when he arrived late on the scene. What Desmond could have known and seen after the pepper spray. Desmond’s behavior Whether the other officers in the case crossed a line that was crossed. The Memphis Police Union, the union that represents the city’s police force, issued a statement Friday evening “expressing condolences” to Tire Nichols’ family after the video was released.

“The Memphis Police Association is committed to the administration of justice and will never tolerate abuse or abuse of power against any citizen. We have confidence in the criminal justice system,” the statement said.

“In the coming days, weeks and months, we will draw on this belief to shed light on the entire situation,” the statement said. “Mr. Nichols’ family, the city of Memphis and the rest of the country deserve no less. We pray for justice, healing and ultimately for all involved.”

Police across the country have come under scrutiny for their treatment of black people, especially since the May 2020 killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the mass protest movement known as Black Lives Matter.

‘Acts that defy humanity,’ police chief says

On Friday, the Memphis police chief said the video “shows an act against humanity.”

Police have found nothing proving the possible cause of Nichols’ reckless driving before the fatal encounter, Chief Cerelyn “CJ” Davis told CNN’s Don Lemon before the video was released.

“It still feels like a nightmare right now,” Nichols’ mother RowVaughn Wells told CNN on Friday before the video was released.

“I’m still trying to figure all of this out and I’m still trying to figure all of this out,” Wells said. “I don’t have a baby. I will never have my baby again.

Police officials in several major cities across the country said they were monitoring a possible public outcry over what can be seen in footage over the weekend. Before the video was released, Wells urged supporters to remain peaceful during protests, saying at a vigil in Memphis on Thursday that she wanted “every one of you to demonstrate peacefully.”

Wells said, “I don’t want us to burn down our towns, raze the streets, because my son couldn’t stand it.” “And if you are there for me and for Tyr, you will protest peacefully.”

A church in Memphis is scheduled to hold Nichols’ funeral on Wednesday.