( Link Full ) Video Shows Chinese Balloon Being Shot Down Over Atlantic Ocean

zonkeu.com – ( Link Full ) Video Shows Chinese Balloon Being Shot Down Over Atlantic Ocean. The United States shot down a suspected Chinese spy balloon over the Atlantic Ocean at about 2:40 a.m. ET on Saturday, February 4. The balloon was shot down while hovering over the Atlantic Ocean east of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Work is underway to retrieve debris from the balloon at an altitude of approximately 60,000 feet. Less than an hour later, two unnamed U.S. officials told The Associated Press that U.S. President Joe Biden called for the ball to be dropped. Immediately after dropping the balloon, the chief told reporters that he had ordered the ship to be shot down a few days earlier. “I ordered the Pentagon on Wednesday to remove it as quickly as possible,” Biden said. They decided, without harming anyone, that the best time to do so would be when the water was 12 miles away.

( Link Full ) Video Shows Chinese Balloon Being Shot Down Over Atlantic Ocean

He reiterated that he gave the order earlier this week but the military’s advice was to wait until the balloon had crossed the Atlantic because that was “the best thing to do”.

Fox News, which aired video footage of the balloon hovering over South Carolina on Saturday, captured the moment a military jet struck the plane. “First of all, don’t be rude!” said Fox News analyst Gen. Jack Keane (ret.) seconds after the ball was kicked. Other local media and onlookers in South Carolina also broadcast footage of the military balloon’s landing, which attracted worldwide attention. Myrtle Beach news station WPDE, for example, not only received video of the plane crash, but also the loud sound of the missile crashing into the plane. US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin confirmed that “US fighter jets assigned to US Northern Command successfully launched a surveillance balloon into the sky”, adding that the balloon was an attempt by the Chinese government to “surveillance sites in the US continent to check. continent “.

Austin also said it was an “unnecessary risk” for the US Defense Department to decide to shoot it down. He gave permission to the military. Foundation. People”. ”

“Today’s deliberate and legal actions demonstrate that President Biden and his national security team will always put the safety and security of the American people first and respond appropriately to any wrongdoing,” Austin concluded. Acceptance of our government by the People’s Republic of China.

Laughing at a day of Republican outrage over Biden’s “absurd” response to spy missions traversing US airspace. Don Beyer (D-VA) shared Biden’s brief remarks to reporters. “Good news for Republicans. Now they can stop panicking about balloons,” Bayer tweeted on Saturday afternoon. Defense officials have told multiple US media outlets that balloon tracking over the past week has allowed them to “better understand China’s intelligence gathering capabilities”. Although they can collect more information after the debris is retrieved, the Pentagon believes they may prevent the spy balloon from gathering useful information during its flight. This, of course, comes with criticism from the Republican Party that the president should have shot down the plane sooner. American fighter jets were seen on the firing range before being shot down. Meanwhile, the FAA has suspended flights to three airports in North and South Carolina until at least 3:30 p.m. ET, citing the reason as “national security policy.”

Hours ago, Biden said, “We’re going to do it,” when asked on Saturday morning if the United States was planning to pull out of space. The scandal came after Chinese foreign officials said they never announced Foreign Minister Antony Blinken’s announcement in Beijing on Sunday, which has now been retracted following a surveillance balloon. “Of course, the US and China have not announced a trip, the US has reserved such an announcement, we respect that,” officials said in a statement Saturday. Meanwhile, after the trip was canceled, Blinken said he told the Chinese ambassador the balloon was “an irresponsible act,” according to the Associated Press. On Friday night, CNN reported that the US military and NASA were in talks to determine where the balloon could be damaged if it were shot down. The news comes a day after the Pentagon spotted a second Chinese surveillance balloon flying over Latin America. Meanwhile, the Washington Post reported on Saturday that US officials are now speaking